The 10 commands of a healthy diet

The 10 commands of a healthy diet
May 23, 2023 admin
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Do you know you can set yourself up for success by being straightforward with what you eat? Preparing and consuming a healthier diet doesn’t have to look complicated. Stop being overly concerned with counting calories. It’s time you follow the “healing rules” of a healthy diet. Consider your diet in terms of variety, freshness, and color.

Focus on avoiding processed and packaged foods. Instead, opt for something fresher whenever possible. It’s time for a radical change. Let these 10 commandments be thy guiding principle, and your body chemistry will reward your obedience with good health.

Rule #1. Thou shall prepare most of your own meals

You can take charge of what you eat by cooking more of your meals at home. It helps you to monitor and dictate precisely what goes into your food. When you do that, you will be avoiding the addictives, chemicals, added sugars, and hazardous fats that characterize packaged and takeaway foods capable of leaving your bloated, tired, irritable, and suffering from stress, depression, and anxiety.

Rule#2. Thou shall separate the good fats from the bad fats

Remember, not all fats are safe and the same. Bad fats can destroy your diet and expose you to the risk of certain diseases. Good fats offer protection for your heart and brain. Go for healthy fats like Omega-3s—they are suitable for your emotional and physical health. Even your waistline can get a trimming boost.

Rule#3. Remember the days of natural fibers

Make sure your foods contain high dietary fibers such as fruits, vegetables, beans, and nuts. They can help you stay fit and lower your risk of diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. Also, it can help to improve the quality of your skin and even boost your drive to shed some weight.

Rule#4. Never forget the importance of Calcium

Osteoporosis isn’t the only health challenge you might face for lack of Calcium. You will also be exposed to a sleep disorder, depression, and anxiety if your diet doesn’t have enough Calcium. So no matter your gender or age, always remember to include foods rich in Calcium into your diet. Cut down on foods that deplete Calcium. Get enough vitamins D and K and magnesium to assist Calcium in performing its job.

Rule#5. Thou shall be careful about your carbohydrate sources

While carbohydrate is the primary source of your energy, you have to be cautious about where you’re getting it from. Sugar, starches, white bread, and pastries are good sources of carbohydrates. Still, they also spike up your blood sugar, cause fluctuations in energy and mood, and increase the level of fat, particularly around your waistline. You must cut back on them and get your energy from unrefined, complex carbs like fruits, whole grain, and vegetables.

Rule#6. Thou shall make only the right changes

Reducing the level of unhealthy foods within your diet is a step in the right direction, but replacing them with healthy alternatives is the most paramount. Make sure you only affect the right changes. For instance, you can replace fried chicken with grilled salmon, and you’ll get a positive difference. Switching from animal fats to refined carbohydrates, such as replacing breakfast bacon with a donut, will not help in lowering your risk of exposure to heart disease, nor improve your mood.

Rule#7. Never forget to read the labels

You must know the contents that make up your food. Manufacturers are famous for hiding a large number of unhealthy fats and sugar in packaged foods, including the ones they claimed is healthy. Never trust any manufacturer, for thy health is more precious than brand loyalty.

Rule#8. Give more attention to how you feel after taking a meal

You can reach the pinnacle of satisfaction by focusing more on how you feel after devouring your food. It helps you to develop healthy new habits and secure tastes. If the food is better, you will equally feel better and healthier after eating. If the food you eat is junk, expect to feel junkier (uncomfortable), drained of energy, and nauseous.

Rule#9. Thou shall consume plenty of water; thy health depends on it

Waste products and toxins call our body system home, but with water, you can flush them out and send them to hell. You don’t have to navigate through life dehydrated—feeling headaches, short on energy, and tired. Water is the icing that makes all healthy diets complete like a sweet cake. Drinking a lot of water during the day keeps you hydrated and helps in making healthier food choices.

Rule#10. Moderation is crucial to a healthy diet

Never stuff your system, eat only the right quantity of the food that your body needs. At the end of the meal, you should feel satisfied. You don’t have to eliminate the foods that you cherish in the name of moderation. You can eat your favorite food (let’s say bacon) for breakfast, and then accompany it with a healthy lunch and dinner—not with a pack of donuts and sausage pizza. That’s moderation for you.

Wrapping Up

If you can keep these commandments and remain faithful, you shall be blessed in thy body, soul, and spirit, and your body chemistry shall sing they praise and cause you to live healthy in the land of the living.

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