M21099 by Band-It, Scru-Seal Kit

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M21099 by Band-It Scru-Seal Kit Includes: 25 Scru-Seal Racks, 25 Housings, VALU-STRAP™ Band (3/8" x 0.015" x 100'). Made of Stainless Steel. The rack and pinion system allows the user to make a clamp in any size.

  • A rack and pinion system used with band to create any size clamp
  • Components separately packaged: rack and housing and band for flexibility
  • Stainless steel offers very good resistance to mild atmosphere, fresh water and the sun's UV rays
  • An adjustable worm drive / screwdriver clamp can be made with any band cutter and a screw driver
  • Can be retensioned at any time
Application Tools:
  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • 5/16 Nut Driver
Part Number Material Description Includes Package Quantity
M21199 Stainlesss Steel Scru-Seal Kit 25 Scru-Seal Racks, 25 Housings, VALU-STRAP™ Band (3/8 x 0.015 x 100') Each
M21899 Stainlesss Steel Scru-Seal Clamp Pak 3 Scru-Seal Racks, 3 Housings, VALU-STRAP™ Band (3/8 x 0.015 x 10') 10/Box

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