About Us

Subzi.pk was started by food engineer who found the grocery industry’s practices regarding and unsatisfying. Also winner of all Pakistan DICE-AFS innovation event 2017 University of Agriculture Faisalabad. We have faith in a new, better and unindustrialized innovative grocery experience started with a wonderful customer experience, so we’re growing it.

At Subzi.pk we focus on every step of our products journey, from farms to your cutting board. Our quality and sourcing team, work tirelessly to ensure you healthy, fresh and safe groceries. We as responsible citizen, strongly focus on 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) packaging and encourage you to do the same to protect our environment. Currently, we are operational only in Faisalabad and covering almost all areas around the canal road and the city.

In order to provide you our best, we are working on our farms. If you are not in that range of areas where we are delivering, so don’t worry, please register your interest and notify us.

Note: Areas will be selected depending upon the number of registrations and amount of produce that we have. We will inform you soon about our expansion and services in your areas.

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