Mission Statement

We value what has historically been disregarded with supermarkets. Saving your time and money, helping you discover and cook fresh, locally sourced, wholesome food, and a commitment to this planet that our food grows in. We are not new, having born experience in farming officially engineered in food processing. Currently supervising our own agro farms. We are delivering farms fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, dry fruits, spices and pulses in one click.

We are proud to work with local farmer and operated purveyors in the country. At Subzi.pk you can rest assured with knowing every product was picked with nothing but love.

To do this, we are modernizing the grocery supply chain. Through our website and apps help you plan and shop for your food faster. We care deeply about the environment and have chosen to deliver only in insulated grocery bags that we pick-up and re-use the next time we deliver.

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